The Dangerous House Dust?

15111621Many of us often do not realize how dangerous is that the dust that accumulates in our house or apartment.

Scientists estimate that if the cleaning is not carried out in the apartment for 12 months, and constantly live in it, that means that the accumulated approximately 1 dust bin. The most important thing is that it not only prevents us from living, but it is also very dangerous for health.

dust structure quite different. Very often it consists of particles of dirt from outside, a decay product of cells of the skin, as well as other chemical compounds. In addition, the composition of the dust often contains various bacteria and germs that are particularly dangerous for the organism.

First of all, the dust is dangerous for the light as it falls through the air inhaled to contact. In addition, very often because of the accumulation of dust there are various allergic reactions or skin irritation.

To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to regularly clean the house with special disinfectants and cleaning agents.

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