The Dangerous High Protein Content?

020920163As it became known, the scientists who conducted the study in the laboratory, say that people aged 50 to 65 years of age is not recommended to use products that contain large amounts of protein, in this case, this applies to both animal and vegetable. In this age of human time, its overabundance in the body leads to cancer, and not just because there are difficulties in the work of the heart. Also, this category of people often falls into the risk of morbidity from diabetes. Damage caused by a person as a result of an overabundance of protein, doctors have equated to getting health damage, the same as smoking. Therefore, such people need to revise your diet to include more vegetables and fruits.

The most interesting thing is that people over 65 years, on the contrary need to obtain large amounts of protein, so you can include foods containing protein in their menus. And, in general, for the health benefits, it is necessary to limit the consumption of fried and fatty foods, preferring boiled, stewed or steamed.

Try to stick to “common sense”. Do not allow imbalance.

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