The Dangerous Fresh Bread

05111621It is hard to imagine a meal without bread, though, some people, observing diet, give up this product completely, or replaced with a variety of loaves.

The bread contains a lot of nutrients necessary for the life of the organism, so it should include in your diet, thus it is necessary to respect the rules of its use.

Sometimes you want to eat a piece of warm, fragrant bread, which has just been baked, however, as the doctors say, do not in any case it is impossible, because the fermentation process continues in a fresh bread, so by eating this bread, he will continue to have your stomach.

As a result, you may experience pain, heaviness in the abdomen, as well as swelling, moreover, to use a lot of fresh bread, the work of the stomach may even stop, it does not do without the help of a doctor.

Much more useful stale bread, which retains all the qualities, thus easily absorbed by the body, so it can be used without exception.

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