The Curvature of the Penis Can Be Dangerous

0911161125Any problems with the reproductive system for the majority of men are taboo.

They do not like to talk about their diseases or certain problems as long as these problems become too serious. For example, a fairly large percentage of men suffering from curvature of the penis. This not only greatly impairs sexual life, but can also cause impotence.

Experts say that the curvature of the penis in the form of a banana may indicate the presence of serious illness – Peyronie’s disease. It is characterized by a change in the normal position of the penis in men during an erection due to the formation of scar tissue, which leads to warping.

If time does not seek help from a specialist, it is similar to the problem will continue to progress and worsen. As a result, there may be some inflammation, sexual dysfunction and infertility.

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