The Constant Lack of Sleep is Dangerous

Japanese scientists conducted a series of experiments, which revealed that the people who for a long time suffering from insomnia are more prone to various diseases, including weight gain.

People who constantly does not fill up, usually live 15 years less, and this is due to high amortization of the whole organism.

Lack of sleep leads to rapid aging and the early appearance of wrinkles, as well as the negative impact on the work of the heart of the system and increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. People who are constantly thinking about how they would sleep, become irritable, nervous, in addition, they often have headaches.

Therefore, try to give a dream attention, thus, do not get involved sleeping pills, but rather take a walk before going to bed, ventilate the room, besides, it is not necessary to pass the night, and during dinner limited to a small portion of salad with fresh vegetables and a piece of boiled fish or dairy products.

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