The Civil Marriage is More Difficult to Raise Children

It would seem that there is any difference in the upbringing of the child, whose parents have formalized their relationship and live a civil marriage.

At first glance, a stamp in the passport does not affect this process, however, scientists have conducted a number of studies have shown that there is a relationship.

Those couples who officially live in a marriage, as a rule, bear a heavy responsibility and much less leave.

The older the child becomes, the more he has the questions, one of which, why not, as in others, what parents find it difficult to answer in our family. In children, there comes a time when they are interested in wedding photos, to see how the look of their parents in such a meaningful day.

Sometimes parents are not paying attention to the child, quarrel among themselves or deceiving each other, while the children are very experienced in these moments and try any of their available means to unite a family. However, in life there are different situations, and in the absence of a lawful marriage, you must explain the reason for the child and to give assurance that it will have no effect on family relationships.

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