The Child’s Diet Should Not Include a Lot of Sweets

23111617Young parents who was born first child, facing a lot of problems, because not everyone knows how to properly care for the baby, and that’s a whole science. Many mothers are faced with such a problem when the child is no appetite, so they believe that he hungry, and by all means try to feed him.

To do this, they often they use sweet foods that like almost all children.

Usually it is, sweet sodas, cakes, sweets and other confectionery products. In addition, many dishes are cooked they add sugar to improve the taste.

However, this is not recommended, especially for children under 3 years of age, as it is this time they have formed habits, including eating. If a child from an early age accustomed to eat sweets, then in the future it will be very difficult to give up such food, and it will always feel the need for it.

But, as you know, the excess of sugar is dangerous to health, as it can provoke some serious diseases.

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