The Child in the New Year’s Eve

Christmas and New Year – this is the most important holidays of our lives.

Since childhood, they associate us with gifts, fun and a Christmas tree.

However, many parents during these holidays are often faced with a difficult choice: allow your child to sit at the banquet table until late at night, or send him to sleep.

In fact, there is no consensus. If we talk in terms of medicine, it is natural for a child is more useful to stick to a normal sleep and sleep at the same time. But some psychologists say that positive emotions sometimes that gets a child with his parents during the festive fun, can do more good than harm.

That is why, every parents must make their own decision on whether they should allow their child to wait for the New Year until 12 o’clock at night. But if you do decide to allow the child to a holiday, then try to make sure that before he slept during the day.

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