The Causes of Early Graying

If it is sometimes said that gray adorns a man, then this is not suitable for women.

Nowadays, people with gray hair are becoming more and more, some of whom appear before the age of 30.

The causes of early graying are diverse, and one of them is frequent nervous stress, prolonged stay in a state of nervous tension.

In order to avoid this, it is necessary to lead the most active way of life and be an optimist in life, paying less attention to the various kinds of trouble that sooner or later pass. An important role is played by heredity and nothing can be changed here, because, hair grow gray at the same age as that of parents.

It turns out that the color of the hair is affected by food, and the appearance of gray hair depends on which foods we prefer to eat more often. Especially adversely affected by salt, coffee and a number of other products that nutritionists recommend to use as little as possible. The lack of protein in the body, as well as iron, copper and other useful substances can provoke early gray hair.

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