The Causes of Chronic Fatigue

2209201611Sometimes a person feels tired, no good mood, apathy and explain such a state he can not, because it does not know the cause. It turns out, all these diseases occur due to lack of in the body of vitamins and minerals that we receive less due to malnutrition. In this condition a person just as well affect chronic sleep deprivation, as his body is not resting.

Lack of iron, which helps generating hemoglobin, causes drowsiness and reduces the ability to work. In order to iron in the body was normal, include in your diet foods such as pork and beef liver, seafood. As for vegetables, there is a preference should be given carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, as well as legumes.

Among the fruits, which contain large amounts of iron are apples, bananas and strawberries. In addition to proper nutrition, you must often take a walk in the fresh air, preferably at bedtime, and start the day with morning exercise.

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