The Cause of Ailments not the Result of Changes in the Weather

2611167There are times when we complain of headaches and other ailments, such a state of exclusively associating with the change of weather.

Of course, the weather conditions due to abrupt changes in atmospheric pressure play a role, but not for a healthy person, so that when you have problems in this period of time, this indicates a fault in the body.

For example, if a cold day, went out on the street, you periodically breath, it speaks about heart problems, is likely to start angina.

In the case where the temperature is lowered is observed dizziness and pain, these symptoms suggest atherosclerosis, during which there is vasoconstriction. In all likelihood you have thick blood, and are cholesterol plaques, preventing normal circulation.

In case of violation of metabolism, usually in cold weather, the hands on the lips and cracks appear, therefore, necessary to make your diet so that it included more than vegetables and fruit, giving preference to those products that are rich in vitamin A.

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