The Burgers are Very Harmful for the Heart

090920163It is difficult to find a man who would not love burgers. This American legend element fast food has become so popular all over the world that does not need additional advertising. Realizing that the food is not useful, many people still use it, justifying it with the pleasure of a unique flavor.

However, until recently no one was taken to examine what calorie hamburger contains and whether it is safe for health. Recently, a group of scientists decided to analyze and study the product in more detail. The results are brought them just in shock. It turns out that a double burger contains in its composition about 2000 calories! For comparison, it is much calories to maintain normal female body within 24 hours.

It is no wonder that frequent consumption of hamburgers very quickly leads to the recruitment of excess weight. But the most important thing is that this product has tremendous harm to the cardiovascular system. Researchers called it “heart attack on a plate”.

According to doctors, many of today’s institutions have positioned as the burgers are very tasty, and even healthy kind of food, because they can easily satisfy his hunger. Unfortunately, this kind of advertising and provokes obesity in people who can not control the use and dose of hamburgers.

Fresh Roll – A Good Alternative To The Burgers

If you are very fond of burgers, but you understand the dangers of using this product on a daily basis, we suggest you find an alternative solution. For example, you can make a delicious and nutritious fresh roll, which will replace harmful hamburgers. In this case pita bread is used instead of high-calorie bread. In the composition of pita used only flour, water and salt, so it contains less digestible carbohydrates. Instead of fried patties in fresh roll, boiled chicken breast or fish is used. Also, fresh roll contains a lot of vegetables and herbs that are good for health. Instead of a harmful mayonnaise sauce or ketchup, use sour cream or garlic sauce based on yogurt. It is very tasty and healthy!

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