The Benefits of Yogurt

One of the most useful lactic acid product is yogurt. Due to its properties, the beverage allows our body to obtain the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. This product, in comparison with milk, is better absorbed, which improves the digestive tract, and has laxative properties.

The yogurt contains large amounts of calcium, so necessary for strong bones and protein Collamask Ελλάδα μάσκα για την πρόσωπο presence, gives us strength.

The systematic use of yogurt increases human immunity, prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

Those individuals who have had problems with blood pressure, including Collamask Polska maska do twarzy yogurt in your diet, will be able to normalize it as the drink lowers cholesterol.

Citizens who are overweight, drinking yogurt 2 hours before sleep will help your body fight excess weight. If once a week to arrange kefir diet, drinking during the day 1.5 liters of this drink can significantly lose weight and improve their health.

Recipe For Homemade Yogurt

The store shelves are filled with various yoghurts, but if a person watches his food and prefers to eat natural products, he will certainly try to cook it in his kitchen.

Live yogurt made at home does not contain flavor enhancers and other additives that have harmful effects on the body and have no contraindications, it can be eaten by everyone. Only children should be included in the diet in small portions and in moderation. The use of a natural Collamask Česká maska na obličej dairy product speeds up metabolism and stimulates the production of vitamin K and H. If you do not have a yogurt, do not despair, for example, you can do with an oven or a multivar, and making yogurt with your own hands will have a great impact on your budget.

This way of making yogurt is quite complicated and will take a lot of time, but the result will certainly please any mistress. It is necessary to boil a liter of milk and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Dilute the starter according to the instructions on the packaging. Be careful, it must contain live cultures. Then mix it with milk. Jars, in which you will pour Asami Philippines the mixture, you must first sterilize. In the same way, all cutlery and utensils, in which they intend to cook, must be poured with boiling water. While mixing and pouring products, turn on the oven and when it warms to fifty degrees turn it off. Place the containers in it and cover with a cloth. It should be remembered that yogurt prepare in silence.

Try not to knock on the oven door. The cooking time depends on the ferment you have chosen, but it will take about 6-8 hours.

The made yogurt at home will be an excellent substitute for purchased products, as well as they can fill salads and cook cold soups based on them, and not only eat, as everyone is used to as a dessert. To preserve Asami Ελλάδα the benefit and effectiveness of the product, store it for no more than a week, as with time the number of vitamins and living bacteria decreases. It is better to eat it right after cooking.


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