The Benefits of Onions

240920166Of all vegetables, particular attention should be paid to the bow, which is used in the preparation of many different dishes, which he gives a peculiar taste. This vegetable contains high amounts of vitamins and amino acids. Scientists were able to prove that, thanks to these properties, onion prevent diseases such as cancer, stomach and rectum.

The content of vitamin C in the onion allows the body to fight colds. Onions can be eaten both raw and stewed or pickled. Very popular in the world uses the grades of white, red and yellow onions, and green onions feathers added to any salad, also used by many housewives.

This low-calorie vegetables, however, for people suffering from overweight, you can easily include it in your diet. If the bow to keep in a dry, cool place, then it is stored for a long time, so, in the autumn it is possible to prepare for the future for the whole winter. Eating onion helps to improve sleep, increase appetite, and also improves mood.

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