The Benefits of Cabbage Leaves

2009201613It’s no secret that vegetables are the foods that saturate our body lots of vitamins and minerals. Maybe that’s why doctors recommend as much as possible to make in your diet various vegetables, among which, to give preference to large cabbage.

Besides the fact that cabbage can cook a lot of different dishes, especially since there are several different varieties of this vegetable, cabbage leaves can even be used in medicinal purposes. In order for you to be aware of what medical action they perform, we give a few recipes.

Firstly, before any fresh cabbage leaf application as a medicinal plant, it is necessary to pour boiling water, and then dried with a cloth. These leaves help if they are to apply to the site of injury and apply a bandage, you will not notice as will subside after a few hours the swelling and the pain will disappear. Also, the leaves of cabbage relieve headaches and help with stings of bees, wasps, reduces inflammation and reduces pain.

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