The Benefits of Bananas

1409201611Currently, our shops are filled with a variety of exotic fruits, including bananas occupy a place of honor. This fruit, with a delicate flavor, it is very convenient for a snack, so it does not require additional treatment.

Bananas have lots of vitamins and minerals. These fruits should be consumed in order to people who have different heart diseases. For those individuals who suffer from high blood pressure, bananas are essential because they contribute to normalization. Doctors recommend to include in your diet, this fruit for those who have problems with the liver and kidneys, as they contribute to the normalization of the housing and communal services.

Bananas are a lot of fructose, which increases the level of sugar in the blood, suffering from diabetes, do not get involved with bananas. It is not necessary to use them, along with dairy products, as this may cause bloating. Women who want to improve the quality of your skin and reduce wrinkles, you need to make banana mask.

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