The Benefits of Autumn Vegetables

260820163Autumn is the one time of year when people must take care of the health and saturate your body with plenty of vitamins, which are so necessary to us winter to boost immunity. During this period, all fruits and vegetables the new harvest, have the highest percentage of nutrients for the human body.

For example, cabbage, varieties of which are varied, but all of them have useful elements that Machoman dove acquistare in Italia contribute to the normalization of the gut and of the whole organism. No less useful properties has beet, which helps our body in the metabolism, so it can be included in the daily diet.

Such vegetables like sweet peppers, is composed of a large amount of ascorbic acid, vitamin C. Include in their vegetables and fruit menu, we help the work of the body, mainly the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in not only gaining a lot of vitamins, and avoid excess weight, as a result of which there are a variety of diseases. So, it is time to autumn, the best time to strengthen our health.

Autumn Time Is Also Beautiful

For most people, the arrival of autumn means that everything, the most cool season of the year has flown by. With him, and ended the season of the sweetest fruits and vegetables. But this is far from the case.

Autumn is also a wonderful time of year when a person can enjoy a really warm season.

Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret, it was warm. Autumn is cold only last month. But until the middle of October, especially the whole of September, you can feel the summer heat in the afternoon, and by the evening a little coolness, which is immediately eliminated if you wear a sports Machoman къде да се купуват в България suit or jacket.

In addition, autumn – it’s wonderful natural colors of nature or, as it is also called by people at an older age, the colors of the rainbow. These colors can be seen on colorful different trees, forests, and in suburban areas where there are many useful crops that have a huge supply of vitamins, not inferior to citrus.

For example, autumn sings late grapes, which has a huge composition of vitamins, including the right vitamin C, to strengthen our immunity. Also at this time there is cabbage. It is great for a dietary diet, and also has a lot of antioxidants. At this time of the year, one of the most valuable products ripens – the walnut. Walnut has excellent qualities that our brain needs. Due to the fact that people will constantly eat walnuts, no more than 2-3 walnuts a day, this will lead to a significant reduction in Alzheimer’s disease, and will not allow the dementia of a person to develop.

Autumn is a beautiful time. Autumn sings a lot of berries rich in vitamins and minerals. By the way, if you eat walnuts rich in vitamin B and magnesium, grapes, and also drink rose hips, then you can greatly affect your immunity, improve it, and prevent the body El-Macho kje kupiti v Sloveniji from falling into the November depression. Therefore, it is necessary to take autumn what it really is, take from it the best and beautiful warm days, with amazing colors of nature, and also store for winter a lot of vegetables for long storage and berries, to suppress respiratory diseases.


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