The Beneficial Properties of Rowan

28111616Everyone knows about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, but there are plants on the properties which is not enough information, so most people have no idea what to use them.

If, for example, about the wild rose and Viburnum know almost everything, because they are able to resist inflammatory processes, then the application in the medical purposes rowan, little known.

It turns out that Rowan has many medicinal properties, as, in addition to vitamin C, this berry contains in its composition a number of useful substances, favorably influencing the work of the body. Moreover, it is a diuretic and diaphoretic properties.

To those people who have high blood pressure, it is recommended to introduce in your diet rowan, because, with regular use it is possible to normalize it. In this case only one cup of broth per day.

When you cough, which is observed for a long time, and even at a tuberculosis, Rowan tincture will help to cope with this disease, the more so that it is easily accessible and kept for a long time.

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