The Anti-Smoking Help Apples and Tomatoes

1409201613Everyone knows how much harm smoking does to our body, but in spite of this, people with this addiction does not become smaller, but on the contrary, their numbers are growing, and in recent years this growth is seen among young people.
People, smoking the first cigarette to get a new experience, not even aware of what awaits them in consequence of nicotine dependence. Many smokers “with experience” would gladly have given up cigarettes, but unfortunately, not all do it, even with the help of medical professionals that offer encryption.

However, as it became known, there is a fairly easy way to get rid of this bad habit. Through research, which was conducted by scientists, it was able to figure out what to give up nicotine addiction, you can use fruits and vegetables consumed in large quantities. Special attention should be given to the tomatoes and apples. This conclusion was made after the experiment, conducted for over a year, which began around 1000 participants.

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