The Amount and Time Consumed Fruits

2009201612We all know that most of the natural vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruits and vegetables. But, despite all these benefits, you must comply with certain rules in the use of fruit, one of which, do not overeat. The fact that they contain fructose, whereby there is the risk of increasing the blood sugar and fat storage.

It should be remembered that, man enough to eat no more than 3 fruits a day to provide your body with adequate amounts of vitamins. Those people who suffer from diseases of the stomach, it is recommended to limit the consumption of citrus fruits, because they can provoke an aggravation. The next rule is, the time when you can eat fruit.

In order to avoid fermentation in the stomach, the fruit must have a half hour before a meal, or after 2 hours after eating. Doctors also do not advise eating fruit after six o’clock in the evening, because at night there the load on the liver. But this exotic fruit like a banana, one of the best ways to prevent heart disease.

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