Than Dangerous Shoes In High Heels

In order to appear taller and slimmer, most women try to buy shoes as often as possible, which has a high heel, considering that the higher it is, the more beautiful it is.

However, few of them know what harm they do to their health.

First of all, because of this position of the leg, the blood supply is disrupted, as well as the muscles and tendons of the legs, and, as specialists note, this happens to a greater extent than people who professionally engage in ballet. For the same reason, legs constantly swell, especially in the second half of the day, because of what every evening you have to make special baths that help reduce puffiness and relieve pain.

Very often this also leads to ingrown toenails on the big toe, which, in addition to severe pain, can trigger infections that lead to more serious diseases. In order to get rid of ingrown nails, surgical intervention is required. Among other things, the strain that women experience while walking in such shoes, joints and spine suffer.

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