Testosterone is Necessary Not Only for Sex

We all know that testosterone is the most important hormone responsible for the development of sexual function and sexual power in men.

However, it would be wrong to assume that this is the only function for which the male body produces this kind of hormone. In fact, a recent study researchers suggest that testosterone is more versatile and useful for a man, than previously thought.

In particular, at the expense of normal blood testosterone male body begins to gain muscle mass quickly and gets rid of excess fat.

In addition, if the level of this hormone is correct, the man quickly gets rid of the bad cholesterol, rarely experiencing some chronic diseases, and less subject to depression. Moreover, it is testosterone is one of the main factors responsible for the intellectual development of man and his physical abilities – strength, endurance, character. That is why, after the onset of age-related decline of testosterone a man weakens and becomes more vulnerable to various diseases.

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