Temperature Difference

2109201615With the arrival of autumn cold and rainy weather, which changed its warm sunny days, in the human body there are some changes that adversely affect health.

At such times, the body needs a period of adaptation to temperature changes. Some people have headaches, so to avoid this discomfort, try to eliminate from your diet drinking coffee and red wine. With the change in air temperature, usually changes and atmospheric pressure, which also has a negative impact on people suffering from hypertension, which, in this period it is necessary to limit their physical activities, as well as give up eating fatty and fried foods, including more vegetables in their menu and fruit. For those individuals who have a problem of the respiratory system, it is necessary to limit the consumption of chocolate, coffee and citrus fruits.

With cooling, people with osteochondrosis, a disease of the joints there is aggravation, therefore, need to contact the doctor for medical advice.

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