Telephones Cause Skin Allergies

28101628Allergies – is the most commonly occurring illness in the world today.

Doctors say: each year an increasing number of patients with allergy to mobile phones. The cause of skin reactions is the presence of components in telephones such as nickel, chromium, and other materials. Frequent skin interaction with these materials provokes contact dermatitis, which increases the likelihood of a tendency to allergies. Often, this reaction of the skin associated with low-quality jewelry, zippers, accessories.

Scientists from Denmark and the United States have found that in a number of cases of allergic reactions to blame the producers themselves gadgets. Perhaps this is a violation of standards for the use of nickel in the manufacture phones.

Previously conducted studies have shown that some of the popular brands like BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, also produce phones with disabilities. The safest brands were Apple and Nokia, which are the leaders of today’s market.

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