Tears Promote Life Extension

The state of the nervous system plays a huge role in the life expectancy.

Those people who are less likely to suffer from stress and do not get into a situation of prolonged stay in a state of depression are much less likely to get sick.

The fact is that the psychological state of a person is reflected in the work of all organs.

It has already been scientifically proven that peptic ulcer of the duodenum most often arises from nervous breakdowns. Therefore, experts recommend that you lead the most active way of life, laugh more often, since laughter has a favorable effect on the general condition.

In addition, in case of difficult situations in life, which, unfortunately, can not always be avoided, it is recommended to cry, because along with tears, the body cleanses. After the person has cried, always there is a simplification and the nervous tension is removed.

Tears are different, for example, the most salty, are observed in moments of great distress. Many people cry during physical pain, which is a natural process, because tears can significantly reduce pain, therefore, experts recommend not to restrain them in such cases.

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