Tea Improves the Condition of Teeth

Nowadays, most drinks that are sold in stores do not benefit our body, especially for packaged juices with a long shelf life, and also sparkling sweet water, regardless of the manufacturer.

The fact that they contain harmful substances that adversely affect the work of the heart, brain and GIT.

However, there are some drinks that are useful, and first of all, it is home made juice, pure water, and also tea, both black and green. Scientists managed to prove that black tea does not affect the deterioration of the color of the enamel of teeth, but, on the contrary, strengthens their condition.

To do this, it is enough to drink at least 3 cups of tea a day. In addition, due to the possession of anti-microbial properties, tea kills bacteria that are in the oral cavity. Specialists recommend drinking tea not immediately after a meal, but after 20 minutes. As for green tea, in addition to the above properties, it is able to lower blood pressure and get rid of arrhythmia.

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