Tattoos Provoke Oncological Diseases

Fashion is constantly changing, mostly for clothes, styles which are not similar to each other in just a year.

This also applies to style hair, various accessories. In recent years, it is very common to see people with tattoos, and, to put it became not only men but also women.

Moreover, experts began to notice the emergence of a growing number of senior citizens who have a tattoo.

Of course, maybe someone likes such artistry on the body, but is it worth risking your health for the sake of drawing. Scientists from the UK was able to prove that the ink used during tattooing, contains a variety of chemical elements that provoke oncological diseases of the skin.

Therefore, before you decide on a tattoo, think, because fashion quickly pass, and no one gives a guarantee that in a few years people will hide their tattoos, because they are not popular, but it will be difficult to remove.

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