Symptoms, Which Can Determine About a Lack of Vitamins

Due to the lack of vitamins in our body, there may be a variety of diseases, not to mention the fact that weakens the immune system, and we are more prone to colds and viral diseases.

The fact that their body is not enough, may indicate some of the symptoms, one of which is a state of constant fatigue.

If, for example, you will sleep well at night and in the morning you find it hard to climb out of bed, while there is heaviness in the whole body, apathy, and you hardly force the lead themselves in order to go to work, to go to that particular desire not. If this condition is observed over time, this can lead to depression and neurosis.
If you’ve noticed that lately you start to peel off the skin, they were more likely to break your nails, and besides, still and bleeding gums, it also suggests that you should include in your diet as much as possible, containing vitamins products.

Now the problems with the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables does not exist, even in the winter, however, pay more attention to dried fruits, as they retained more vitamins.

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