Symptoms Suggestive of a Lack of Vitamins

Often, we notice changes in your body, and not for the better, but we can not determine the cause, which is most often due to a lack of vitamins.

First of all, it is fatigue and irritability, frequent colds and other infectious diseases symptoms.

In most cases, this occurs in the spring, and it is not surprising, because in the winter we do not get their required rate. It has long been proved that all fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients composed of only a few months after harvest.

Therefore, these products are sold in supermarkets in the winter nutrients is a small part. In order for this time of year a refill of vitamins, prefer frozen products, because they saved more than useful substances.

The body itself will tell, what vitamins do not suffice. For example, if you have insomnia, this lack of potassium and calcium, and dry and brittle hair indicates the deficiency of vitamin B and C.

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