Symptoms of Hidden Depression

One of the most common diseases in our time is depression, and, some people try to hide this condition from others, while not taking any measures to treat it.

Long stay in such a state can adversely affect the uneven system, which in turn will lead to an irreversible process.

However, there are some symptoms that indicate a hidden depression. One of them is when a person loses interest in his favorite occupation, for example, when he gets carried away by fishing, he suddenly stops doing it.

Also, one of the factors of the disruption of the nervous system is the lack of energy, which most often arises from a state of hopelessness, lack of sleep, and also a constant sense of anxiety that occurs for no apparent reason.

Lack of appetite also indicates the presence of this disease. Some people, in order to maintain vitality, are addicted to alcohol or drugs, not suspecting that they aggravate the situation. If a person loses interest in public events, and also constantly refuses to communicate with friends and relatives, preferring loneliness, then these are clear signs of mental disturbance.

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