Swimming Helps to Lose Weight

100920165Not only trainers and jogging can become your reliable assistant in losing weight. A great way to lose weight, it’s swimming. It is proved that a good swim workout in the pool is equivalent to 5-6 km run. By overcoming the resistance of the water during the swim, the body uses almost all the muscle groups and burns a lot of calories. At the same time, if the basic conditions are met, then the effect of weight loss is guaranteed and very quick.

Ideal conditions for burning fat with the help of diving can have several important characteristics. Firstly, the water temperature should not be too low or too high. In particular, the optimum is considered to range from 23-29 ° C. If you swim in cold water, you can get the opposite effect – the body will store fat specifically, to warm themselves.

It is also very important is that the distance you swim. Ideally, you want to swim a distance of 600-800 meters. However, for the novice swimmer it is too great a distance, so you need to start with at least 200-300 meters per workout.

Be careful in the pool!

Despite all the benefits of swimming, you must remember that swimming pools are the concentration of many dermatological diseases. In particular, mycosis of the foot and nails, which may appear after contact with a wet surface onto which a person with a similar disease has previously entered, is particularly dangerous. In addition, in some pools, chlorine or other disinfectants are present in the water that may be harmful to health. It is best to go swimming in open water – in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.

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