Sweet Drinks Should be Excluded From the Diet

Sometimes people are not even aware of what can cause harm to certain foods, because their exists a large array.

Probably everyone knows that the most harmful product – it’s salt, which use a large quantity contributes to a number of diseases.

It turns out that sugary soft drinks, which we consume in large quantities, especially in the hot season, are the least harmful to the human body, especially for children. That is the conclusion reached by scientists, conducted a study which found that, in addition to the high content of sugar and, in some cases, use substitutes into lemonade contains such substances that negatively affect the work of all the organs, especially the liver and kidneys.

The fact that these drinks can flush out calcium from our body, so it is best to cook your own juice using fresh berries and fruits. If, for example, to make apple-carrot juice, then you will not only quench your thirst, but also get a lot of vitamins, enhance immunity.

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