Sweet Drinks are High in Sugar

2611166One of the problems of modern society is the large consumption of sugar.

Besides that we drink tea or coffee, be sure to add it, sugar is in almost all foods. But the greatest number of his contained in the sweet drinks that are sold in stores.

British scientists found out that in some of them the percentage of sugar content is frightening, for example, in bottles, the volume of which is 330 ml, sugar was present for more than 12 teaspoons. It is hard to imagine how you can drink tea, if it added so much sugar.

Therefore, it is advisable to restrict, as far as possible to opt out of sugary carbonated beverages, especially for children, who love them. Much more good will from the juice, not the one that vendors offer, and squeezed from fresh fruit at home. The only condition, it is necessary to drink immediately after preparation, and if its concentration is high, it can be diluted with clean water.

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