Struggle Methods With Microbes in the Premises

0311161With the arrival of winter, many people panic fear of the flu, because the complications can be very serious and more frequent cases of pneumonia.

In order to prevent infectious diseases, in the prevention, people use a variety of measures, ranging from dietary changes, and ending with such procedure as the unfolding of chopped garlic and onions in every room dwelling.

Some people believe that these vegetables are killing pathogenic microbes, and it is, but on the condition that you inhale their vapors immediately after cutting, since the antibacterial properties are held no more than 20 minutes. Therefore, it should not do, because, in addition to odor, which is impregnated with your stuff, the desired result you will not get.

It is best to eat daily at least one clove of garlic, and this will be enough to protect the body against the virus. With regard to processing facilities, it is better to use essential oils, based on eucalyptus or mint, that really kill all the germs.

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