Strong Family Pledge of Longevity

Scientists from Sweden have been conducting research for several years to determine how loneliness affects longevity.

The results turned out to be such that bachelors live on average two years less than married couples.

Especially strongly suffer from the loneliness of the male and, this is because most men see their function in life as a getter. At the same time, they need support and support from their wives and children. Those families in which more than two children are brought up differ in that they have less fixed divorces.

The fact is that constantly caring about their loved ones and relatives, a person tries to do something pleasant, for example, to cook a delicious breakfast, buy a gift or go on a trip, which favorably affects the psychological state of the members of the whole family.

In turn, single people are more likely to experience depression, which is very difficult to get rid of, and the older the age, the more complicated the situation. Therefore, scientists advise, no matter what, to try to create a strong family.

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