Stress Can Lead to Alcoholism

13111611If you are constantly nervous at work or have regular scandals in the family, it has a negative impact on health.

Many people who live under constant stress, often try to suppress this feeling by various means for relaxation – alcohol or drugs. However, according to medical research, alcohol provides only a temporary effect of easing stress, but it can cause even bigger health problems.

First of all, the regular use of alcohol to quell depression or stress state can lead to such diseases as alcoholism. The fact that people are gradually accustomed to the use of alcoholic beverages, so it is necessary to increase the amount of alcohol drunk in order to achieve relaxation.

As a result, there is an unhealthy dependence, as a result of which a person simply becomes an alcoholic. To avoid this, you need to properly get out of stressful situations – play sports and lead an active life.

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