Spices are Good for Health

1510166During cooking many housewives use a variety of spices to add flavor and improve the taste of food.

However, Chinese scientists were able to prove that the use of spices positive effect on the entire human body, including to prevent such diseases, which are associated with heart and oncology. Furthermore, these condiments under moderate their use to prevent aging.

Such conclusions were made after 500 thousand inhabitants of China were observed by scientists for several years. For those people who are not less than 3 times per week included in the diet spicy food, the risk of death decreased by 15%, compared with individuals who did not use spices. It is proved that the chilli pepper, which besides being a pungent taste, contains vitamins and minerals that prevent cancer disease and help to reduce the excess weight. And the use of curry, reduces the occurrence of heart attacks and diabetes.

In spite of these studies, scientists can not say with absolute certainty that the use of spices can fully protect our body from various diseases.

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