Sound Sleep – the Guarantee of Health and Vigor

11101611In order to during the workday, you feel refreshed, you need a good sleep, the duration of which shall be not less than 8 hours, which is necessary to observe some rules.

In our time, when you can get a large amount of information using the Internet, it must be remembered that enhances the emotional and psychological state, after which the person for a long time can not sleep at night do not get involved in a variety of computer games, as this occupation.

Doctors strongly recommend that the room, which is designed to sleep, you must disconnect from the network, all devices that can emit electromagnetic waves. These include not only computers, but also mobile phones and even TVs.

In order to establish the dream should make it a rule to make daily evening walks in any weather. This will saturate the blood with oxygen, as a result, the dream will be strong. And of course, to give up overeating at night. For this dinner should consist of vegetable or fish dishes, provided it is completed no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

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