Some Vegetables Are More Useful After Heat Treatment

American scientists decided to check the statement, according to which it is believed that the thermal treatment of vegetables significantly reduces the amount of nutrients that are in their composition.

After laboratory tests they proved that in fact, in most vegetables, after their cooking, the amount of vitamins decreases.

However, some of them, and to such, for example, include carrots, zucchini and broccoli, on the contrary will bring more benefit if they are used in a boiled form. The fact is that when exposed to high temperatures, vitamins in these vegetables are released from the original shell and become more active, so their useful properties increase almost 2-fold.

They also disproved the assumption that the effect of microwave ovens worsens the quality of products, because, in fact, it was not true. People who daily introducing into their diet various vegetables, are less likely not only to catch colds, but also others, especially those associated with the work of the intestines.

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