Some Tips for Those Who Are Stressed

23111615These days, when a person is constantly in the state of stress due to fear of losing their job, or home troubles, sometimes there is a stressful situation.

Most doctors say that almost 80% of various diseases occur in the nervous system.

If a person for a long time feeling depressed state, it is certainly affect the work of some organs and, on the contrary, those people who are easy to perceive any problems, are less susceptible to various diseases.

A striking example of this suggests a resident of Italy, which recently celebrated its 117 years of his birth. Employees boarding house, where she lives now, mark it with optimism and joie de vivre that can not be said about the other guests, younger age.

Some foods are also able to remove tension, and so are all citrus fruits because of the high content of vitamin C, which suppresses stress hormones. Usually there is an appetite for nervous overexcitation, in such situations, it is not recommended to eat raw carrots or an apple.

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