Some Tea Party Rules

According to doctors, one of the best drinks to help keep warm in the winter cold, is tea.

However, this beverage contains required substances which contribute to the prevention of certain diseases, and also it increases the tone and bracing. For example, fans of winter fishing, going on the ice for the day, usually take a thermos with tea and brewed it is enough not only to quench thirst, but also warm sitting in the cold.

For many people, especially the inhabitants of Central Asia, tea is one of the traditions, but, in doing so, they follow all the rules of use of the drink, since its leaves.

Keep in mind that water intended for tea brew should not exceed 85 degrees, while the norm is one teaspoon of tea per cup of water. Do not add sugar to it in order to get a taste of quality tea.

The best time for tea half an hour after a meal, but eat this drink on an empty stomach is not necessary, as it can reduce appetite.

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