Some Products That Should Be Rejected

American experts in the field of nutrition, after a series of experiments, determined that people after the age of 30 are recommended to reduce the use of certain foods, or completely eliminate them from their diet.

According to statistics, older people are more inclined to fullness, and, as is known, it is the cause of the occurrence of chronic diseases.

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the amount of sugar consumed, because this product is capable of provoking inflammatory processes, and also negatively affects the skin condition and contributes to the appearance of early wrinkles.

White bread, which has long been said to be of no use to it, should also not be eaten, especially freshly baked, because it is poorly processed by the stomach and, except for the appearance of extra pounds, nothing will.

In this list, you can safely add pasta, various sauces and ready-made confectionery products, the preparation of which uses trans fats, causing a deterioration in blood composition.

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