Some Habits That Harm The Longevity

29081612British scientists have found a correlation between traditional human habits and life expectancy.

On the basis of studies they have managed to find out that some banal habits can have a detrimental affect and interfere with longevity.

Most addiction that most strongly reduces life expectancy – is smoking. On average, they calculated that each cigarette you smoke takes a person about 15 minutes of life. That is, if you will daily Maxi Size България увеличивание на члена smoking 1 pack, you will live for about 6-8 years less than they should start.

It is also very destructive habit is to drink alcohol. It turns out that even 3 glasses of red wine may be the reason that your life expectancy is reduced by approximately 2-3 months.

There are quite harmless at first glance habits. For example, the habit of eating and watching television can also take about 15 minutes of life for every meal.

Everyone must decide for himself whether he will be able to give up these habits in order to live longer?

What Really Takes From Us A Year Of Life?

Among those habits that take a man several years of life, it is necessary to note the most basic, which, perhaps, will be able to step over all taken together.

And this habit is associated Eco Slim afvallen Nederland with the perception of reality by letting it through your heart and soul, so that the nerves are in a constant shaky state and can lead to depression. If a person is nervous for every trifle, it can take him from five to fifteen years.

It is this statistic that doctors have, who constantly observe people with psychological abnormalities caused by regular nervous breakdowns. Therefore, in order to live happily Eco Slim menurunkan berat badan Malaysia ever after, it is as much as possible to be nervous, especially if the matter is not of essential importance for your health and well-being. Even the most prestigious work is not worth keeping for it, if you are nervous on it every day, and then you drink tablets to soothe. It is better to devote your life to what you really like. Let your hobby begin to bring you income, especially in those moments when you particularly need support from the side.

Another very bad habit, you can call – lack of sleep. Precisely because a person has a bad dream, he may not count up as a result of several years of life, simply because in his youth, when Maxi Size Lietuva varpą padidinti the body was ready to withstand any upheavals, the person did not devote sufficient time to sleep and its quality. Although this, perhaps, today, it is considered the main source of longevity and good health.

It is important only to understand that sleeping at night is much more useful than during the day. Therefore, preferring night work, it is always after that get enough sleep, even though the sun shines outside the window.

Although it is best to build your life in such a way that you will do all the work in the morning and throughout the day, and at night enjoy beautiful dreams that will only come if there is a deep phase of sleep during which Maxi Size Latvija dzimumlocekļa paplašināšanās the person regains his strength as much as possible. Therefore, if you are interested in living for a long time, always watch your dream, which should be at least eight hours and never be nervous, because it only shortens your life, but does not help to solve the problem.


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