Solarium And Skin Cancer

Solarium And Skin CancerDuring the summer season, many people tend to spend their free time near water, combining swimming with sunbathing on the beaches. Those who allow the financial situation, go to resorts to swim in the sea waters and get a tan, which, unfortunately, very quickly washed off. And as we would like, to the body skin has been permanently colored chocolate, so many citizens, especially the younger generation, prefer to visit a solarium, where throughout the year to get a smooth, velvety tan.

However, after research, who conducted the scientists, it became known that the ultraviolet rays Valgosocks Česká ponožky solarium, a negative impact on health, as there is a risk of skin cancer diseases.

The fact that even in the hot afternoon sun is 15 times less than the level of UV solarium. Of course, tanned Valgosocks Lietuva kojinės body always looks beautiful and attractive, but before heading to the solarium, think about the consequences. Maybe we should wait for the summer and get a natural tan on the coast.

What Other Effects Of The Solarium Are Known To Mankind?

Even in spite of all the beauty that can be obtained during a visit to this questionable procedure, there are several dangerous symptoms that try not to manifest themselves immediately.

So, right after you decide to make your body more tanned, remember the skin cancer that was described above.

And in second place there may be an allergy to radiation of this type, which subsequently can also lead to chronic skin diseases and a complete refusal to travel to hot Valgosocks Latvija īsās zeķes countries. After all, if you earn yourself an allergic reaction to heat, then you can not talk about any beaches, and it’s best to go somewhere to go to the North Pole. This consequence threatens those women who do not know the measure and I think that if they stay longer than usual, then they will immediately have a smooth and beautiful tan. In fact, they can get burns of varying degrees and then for a long time to restore the skin after such a procedure.

Another negative effect of the solarium on the skin of a person is that it over-dry it and almost completely dehydrates.

Use of moisturizers after this procedure is a prerequisite. Otherwise, you can get a few negative feromony Dynamite na rybaření Česká points that will be associated with the cracked skin, as well as the formation of places that can not already be returned to its former form.

Therefore, before deciding to visit the solarium, you need to answer yourself to a very important question about how much you are willing to sacrifice your health in order to get an imaginary beauty that not even every man likes.

And if your confidence in this behavior is not lost for a second, then safely go to the solarium and sunbathe at any time of the year. But when you get side effects, you should only blame yourself.

Even the Titan Gel mga review Pilipinas lowest qualified doctor can say that it is very harmful and dangerous. Of course not everyone develops skin cancer, but where are the guarantees that you will not become among those who will suffer for life after the first procedure.


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