Smoking Women Are More Diverse Diseases

One of the most harmful habits, with the help of which a person reduces his years of life, is smoking.

Currently, in all European countries, the authorities are doing everything possible to ensure that as many young people are engaged in physical education.

For this, various sports complexes, stadiums are opened, and in the winter time ice skating rinks are filled in the open air.

The results do not make you wait, because, according to statistics, the total number of smokers has declined markedly over the past few years. This became especially noticeable after the ban on smoking was introduced in almost all cafes, restaurants and other public places. Despite this, some people, including women, can not abandon this addiction, harming not only themselves but also those around them.

The most horrific situation occurs when a mother raising a child, instead of vaccinating a healthy lifestyle, shows a bad example because of smoking. In addition, scientists have shown that smoking women are more likely to develop chronic diseases of varying degrees, as well as oncological diseases of the esophagus and lungs.

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