Smoking Leads to Changes in Gene

24101621Practically every day all over the world experts are finding more and more new hazardous properties of smoking.

In particular, it was recently discovered that smoking has direct effects on human genes and may lead to a change in its irretrievable. In particular, when smoking a regular cigarette in humans may occur serious chemical changes at the DNA level, which can not be restored back.

Doctors warn that these genetic changes can be very dangerous not only for the individual but also for his future children. Everyone knows that the genes are passed from parents to children, so any mutation at the genetic level, caused by smoking, may adversely affect the health of children. In particular this applies to the high probability of cancer, and diabetes.

It is evident that the habit of cigarette smoking is so harmful that even with good intentions, you can not find a justification for this problem. Stop smoking before it is too late. By the way, one of the best assistants in this matter to you can become biomagnets ZeroSmoke.

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