Smartphones and Tablets Contributes to Obesity

Just 20 years ago, children in their free time, spent mainly on the playgrounds, playing with a ball in the summer, and in winter skating or skiing.

Besides the fact that they spent much time in the fresh air, which is naturally good for your health, the children were constantly in motion, which contributed to the burning of excess fat.

Therefore, at that time, there was practically no problem of overweight in children. All that changed with the advent of smartphones and tablets, when most teenagers, carried away playing computer games and watching videos, began to lead inactive lifestyles, which naturally affects obesity.

This problem exists in many countries and, as if the authorities do not try to solve it, much depends on the parents, who must ensure that their child less time devoted computer. In addition to smart phones and other equipment contributes to the appearance of extra kilos, it also adversely affects the vision and psychological state, resulting in disturbed sleep, because of what may be a more serious illness.

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