Sleep Disturbance Provoke vascular disease

1911169It turns out the consequence of disturbing night’s sleep is not only a feeling of fatigue in the active phase of the day.

Scientists leading US universities announced the public warning that the representatives of disturbed sleep are more vulnerable to cardio – vascular disease.

According to statistics, 29% are not precipitated diagnosed atrial fibrillation, which represents a danger slowly and imperceptibly approaching the kind of stroke and heart failure work. The scientists also noticed dependence – acquired regularity of sleep disorders has additional burden on the heart chambers.

They attribute this to the influence of the cyclic production of hormones, which play the role of regulator of the biological clock of the human condition, also heart. Science leads increasingly evidence metabolic relationships in a certain period of day to day, with the balance of hormones in the body, having, in the event of failure, adverse effects on the quality and quantity of cholesterol, insulin, blood pressure and systemic inflammation. In consequence of coordinating heart and pressure, part of the brain – the researchers drew attention to the harmful effects of poor sleep and a part of it.

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