Sleep Deficiency Leads to the Development Encephalasthenia

Sleep Deficiency Leads to the Development EncephalastheniaVery often, due to increased physical activity and employment on the job, a person sleeps less than 6 hours per day. At the same time, if he is engaged in mental activity, the risk of such diseases as Encephalasthenia increases several times.

Encephalasthenia – a serious disease of the central nervous system, which has a detrimental effect on the body.

The main symptoms of the disease: reduced activity, constantly feeling of sleepiness, fatigue, impaired memory and attention, chronic fatigue and so on.

Doctors confirm that El-Macho Eesti the main cause of the disease lies in the excessive cerebral exhaustion. The fact is that during sleep or rest resting brain and fills its resources. In chronic lack of sleep occurs depletion process, which leads to the development of this serious disease. Doctors recommend all people who are engaged in mental activity, sleep a day for at least 8-10 hours, so that the brain has had time to recover to the new stresses.

Why Do We Need to Sleep?

To make it easier for you to understand, let’s give an analogy to the car.

Even the most powerful car on which you travel over long distances requires breaks at least a few hours. This is important in order to allow the engine to lower its temperature, and all internal fluids to come to an optimum state.

Approximately also our organism works, although of course there are much more certain processes going on here.

When a person is immersed in a state of sleep, many special functions are triggered in the body. In particular, there is a release of melatonin – a special hormone, which helps to restore metabolic processes, normalizes the work El-Macho Portugal of the heart and functions. Scientifically proven that during sleep the body slows down breathing, and the muscles come to complete relaxation. This helps to start regenerating damaged tissues and restoring the optimal condition of the entire body. But most importantly – sleep affects the brain.

It’s no secret that our brain is a complex neural sit with a lot of nerve endings. When we are in the active phase, the nerve endings are strained and constantly working.

You may think that they are also resting in a dream, but it is not. It turns out that during sleep the nerve endings in the brain continue to work, but its specification changes. In fact, for them it is a kind of rest, so when you wake up after a sound sleep in the morning, you feel a good mood and positive emotions.

The optimal rate of sleep depends on your lifestyle, psychological or physical activity. Common indicators are approximately 8-10 hours of continuous sleep, which allows you to fully restore the body and maintain its health.

With regular lack of sleep El-Macho Polska or insomnia, the body experiences increased stress, which provokes headaches, migraines, loss of activity, weakness and weakening of immunity. To avoid these unpleasant problems, it is necessary to control your sleep regime and maintain it at a normal level.


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