Sleep and Mobile Phone

3008201611Nowadays, it is practically impossible to imagine themselves without a mobile, as almost the entire population, starting with children and ending with older people, use mobile phones. Of course, it is very convenient, because the parents can constantly monitor the location of their Maxi Size Česká republika zvětšení penisu children, and older people, carrying with him the phone, if necessary, may at any time to call an ambulance and other emergency services. But, with all these advantages, the mobile phone is not so harmless, as it would seem at first glance.

According to doctors, during the night in any case can not leave the phone next to a sleeping man as coming from him radiation of electromagnetic waves harmful to health.

To avoid such consequences, it is necessary at night to completely disable the phone. It’s not just mobile, but Valgosocks Magyarország zokni also other equipment such as TV and the computer, which also need to disconnect from the socket during sleep. In an extreme case, if you are expecting a call, you can leave it on, but in the other room.

Is It Difficult To Fall Asleep? Turn Off Your Smartphone

Great importance in the life of any person began to play smartphones, which gradually replaced the market with simple mobile phones.

In addition, recently, especially among the female part of the population, popularity began to recruit fablets – something between the smartphone and the tablet.

So, many of the people, again, especially the girls, going to bed, take their smartphone, a tablet or a tablet in bed and go to social networks to see the changes on their tape. And it seems that they Valgosocks España los calcetines have already gone to bed, but after taking a gadget in their hands, they can spend a long time with it.

As the official statistics of Facebook, then after a person closer to midnight took his device in hand, runs from 40 to 90 minutes.

That is, suppose that you need to wake up at 7:00 in the morning. At 23:00 people laid down their bed. Approximately an hour he will deal with his smartphone. And then another thirty to fall asleep after using it. As a result, his dream will Piperine Forte Deutschland begin at 00:30. Thus, for a full sleep there will be only 6:30 minutes.

However, an important feature of using a mobile screen before going to bed is that it affects the entire body negatively. The predominance of the blue color of the pixel leads to the impossibility of releasing the melatonin organism – a special substance that causes the sleep hormone.

As a result, a person can either not go to sleep for a long time, or sleep, but it’s pretty bad, because the body will get a little Piperine Forte Česká republika stress before going to bed. For this reason, in order to avoid feeling unwell, you should not look at the screens of monitors: a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or other devices, at least one hour before bedtime. Only in this way can you get a full rest and be fully operational the next day.

Otherwise, the constant viewing of your smartphone’s screen before going to bed can cause insomnia, poor state of health the next day, a decrease in concentration, and will also be the first cause of development of vegetative dystonia. And if your health is much more important than some kind of social network, then do not use gadgets before bed.


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